On 7th to 10th November, Rimini (Italy) hosted the 2017 edition of the environmental fair ECOMONDO. At the exhibition area, the European Commission and the LIFE Programme had a space where LIFE microTAN prototypes, dissemination material and video were displayed to the visitors. Many thanks to the LIFE Communication Team!

AfterLIFE Ecomondo2017

LIFE Workshop at Sardinia2017

LIFE microTAN main results were presented at the LIFE Programme Workshop that was held on 2nd October 2017 in Sardinia, in the framework of the 16th International Waste Management & Landfill Symposium.

The International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium is a biennial event that has become the Reference Forum in the field of Waste Management for the international community, where state of the art concepts, strategies and technologies are presented and experiences shared by leading scientists, administrators and practitioners. In its 16th edition (Sardinia2017), held on 2nd a 6th October 2017, the Symposium was structured in eight parallel tracks, a poster session and an exhibition area where the LIFE Programme had a space.

On 2nd October, sessions F1 and F2 were devoted to the LIFE Programme. Financing opportunities and main results of eight financed projects, including LIFE microTAN, were presented at such sessions.

Besides, prototypes and dissemination material of LIFE microTAN were exhibited during the whole Symposium at the LIFE Programme booth.

AfterLIFE Sardinia 2017


MAT-ECO-SHOES Conference is regularly organized by the Polish Institute of Leather Industry, in order to exchange achievements of scientific research in the field of footwear, leather and related industries.

This conference gathers lectures presenting scientific research achievements, as well as time and place for the presentation of new products and technologies by companies and discussion on improving the innovation of companies, through the implementation of new projects and formation of scientific research consortia.

About 55 experts attended this edition, whose main topics included environmental protection (greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, waste management) and issues in the field of podiatry, functionality of products and safety of footwear, with the aim of improving the quality of life, especially in case of the elderly and children.

In this event, LIFE microTAN project results were presented by INESCOP’s staff in the speech entitled “Gelatine recovery from tannery wastes”.microtan Mat eco shoes

FOCUS SME and Entrepreneurship

Focus SME and Entrepreneurship is a public-private project that covers all entrepreneurial ecosystem agents of Valencia Region with the aim of stimulating innovative entrepreneurship throughout the region. It consists of a main event that has become the largest gathering of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Valencia Region; and different territorial dynamic events, which develop throughout the year in different parts of the country, by entities to support entrepreneurship and SMEs.

With more than 1600 participants, Focus SME and Entrepreneurship 2016 took place on November 3rd at Las Cigarreras Cultural Centre in Alicante (Spain).

The thematics around which revolve programming Focus SME and Entrepreneurship were: Production and Emerging Sectors, Social Economy and Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship and Business Growth Opportunities and Europe. There were also be 4 transversal themes: Financing, Internationalization, Innovation and Equality.

The different spaces of the Centre, a total of 50 different activities took place. Within the workshop “European trends in the textile and footwear sectors. Sustainability and Innovation”, INESCOP’s staff presented main results of LIFE microTAN project.focusSME

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