InescopINESCOP is a non profit-making organization that develops scientific and technical activities of interest to the Spanish footwear and related industries, including the tannery sector.

INESCOP staff includes experts in environmental and regulatory issues, chemistry, microencapsulation, materials science, biotechnology, computer science, electronics, telecommunications, design, etc. Its laboratories provide a wide range of testing equipment for quality control servicing. Moreover, INESCOP works on satisfying the industry needs regarding applied research on the development and implantation of new materials and technologies, training, information and documentation, the Environment, industrial design and fashion.

More precisely, the Environmental Department at INESCOP develops different activities within the environmental field with the aim to provide a comprehensive solution to companies in the footwear and related industries: Environmental Management Systems, Clean Tanning Technologies, atmospheric and noise emissions, Ecological Labelling, sewage, industrial waste, etc. As a way of example, through the LIFE08 ENV/E/ 00147 SHOELAW Project, INESCOP has developed an electronic tool to promote the compliance with European Environmental regulations within the footwear sector.

Furthermore, the Microencapsulation and Bioadhesives Department has performed several investigations focused on the microencapsulation of active natural substances for foot care and footwear comfort, as well as on the development of green and sustainable adhesives.

In the field of the proposal, INESCOP has been deeply involved in the participation and coordination of several Regional, National and European research projects related to diverse microencapsulation techniques and on the development of new techniques aimed at reducing the environmental impact of activities carried out within the footwear sector and related industries.

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